PHOTOS. This lovely and unique cat with four ears is called Yoda and he has now a new family


The cat named Yoda was two years old. The cat has four ears. He is safe and sound. He even listens completely. A husband and a wife named Valerie adopted the cat  from the day they came to the bar near their home in Chicago. The time the husband and the wife noticed the cat, they rapidly loved the cat.

After the pointy-eared Jedi knight in Star Wars, they immediately requested the owner for the  adoption of the cat Yoda. Valerie made a decision  to take the cat Yoda to the native veteran to examine, when  the cat Yoda was formally  their family member.

The native  veteran was puzzled by his extraordinary  appearance. The local vet had never been informed or seen  4-eared cat before. The cat Yoda’s additional ears are thought  to be the evidence of a genetic mutation.

Regardless of how it doesn’t do harm or prevent him. His additional little pair of ears are unattached to the base of his craium , so his listening is perfect. Still although he looks extraordinary, he is a excellently   loving and caring , funny  cat and is a happiness to have beside you. He is frightened of anything and is very friendly  different from  a few  other cats in the house.

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