Video. The sweet dog can not stop thanking the man who rescued his life


Once a dustman who was from Mexico saved the life of  a hopeless dog which remained in  inland waterway. The name of the garbage collector is Said Zarate.

Said Zarate and his partner worker were doing their affairs when they noticed a dog carried along in despair in the water. It was evident that the dog was stuck in the canal and needed support .

Zarate told the Dodo that he noticed  a movable thing   in the canal. He did not stop looking at the moving scene until he understood that was a dog.

Without thinking  Zarat went out of the truck and took hold of unpacked bag so that the hopeless dog hold on to.

Nevertheless,  the dog was so weak that he was not able to hold from the empty bag. Gratefully  Said Zarate didn’t stop and could immediately help the drowning dog. At last  he could  persuade the dog near enough to bring him to safety.

Here is the rescue  video:

Zarate got a pleasant thanking. The dog expressed his gratitude just jumping  into the man’s arms.

Gratefully,  the dog felt good. Zarate said  he was sure he has nice and caring owners as he jumped and ran away to his home after being rescued. The dog was playful and happy. The  must only had an accident. Zarate is grateful to God that he could rescue the dog.

After this case of rescuing the dog  Zarate downloaded the video of rescuing the dog. The owners of the dog saw this video and expressed their thankfulness.

With the help of this video, we want to just know about being attentive to your parents and avoid their being near canals and other dangerous facilities.


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