Video. A hero dog Yorkie saves the life of her 10 years old owner from wild coyote


There is a unique and uncomparable relationship between a pet and a child. Each child must have a pet and live with it. The dogs are defending friends and also love spreading creatures. But they always defend their owners, always help and support the people who need help and care.

In this story a small and courageous dog is  a proof of what is said above. The dog protected his owner which was only ten years old. The dog protected the owner from coyote, getting hurt while struggling with this  wild and dangerous animal.

The dog’s name is Macy. He is six years old. The dog lives in Toronto with his owner Dorothy Kwan and her family.

Macy was strolling with  a 10 years old daughter of his owner in recent times. A dangerous and unpleasant thing happened the time they were walking. A wild coyote met them on the road. This was terrible situation. The girl was afraid and did not know what to do.

But surprisingly, the tiny dog turned to be a hero. He acted in a heroic way. He came face to face to the wild coyote to defend the 10 years old daughter of his owner.

The scene is stressful. In this video you can see how the wild coyote attacks the tiny dog Macy the time the 10 years old girl cries loudly in the hope of being rescued. Macy protected the girl by barking.

The dog did it continously in order to protect the girl in order to chase off the wild coyote. The dog bas many wounds on ber body and legs.  The dog is under many surgeries. He is now  in animal hospital.

The owner is a woman who has two children and a beloved dog. The owner does not have a husband. The owner even saved the dog five years ago. Now Dorothy is very sad and suffering for the dog who saved her daughter’s life.

Macy is in emergency animal hospital being taken care but unfortunately there was a lack of money. That is why the family put up a GoFundMe page gathering money for the funds, sharing the tiny Macy’s heroic action with the world.

Here is the terrible scene of protecting:

What a  tiny courageous dog. Due to her heroic act  the girl is saved and Macy will soon   recover.

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