A disabled dog was left alone by his owner in the street. There was a note and some diapers beside him.


To be the owner of a pet that is paralyzed is a very difficult thing. These kind of animals need a unique way of caring and looking after. This lack of ability makes their owners leave them alone.

In this story a cute dog named Lunita is unfortunately parazlyzed. Lunita just lays in the terrace of Argentina. Fortunately, one person noticed Lunita and just wanted to help the dog and rang up the rescue company LUBA Salta. This person was very kind-hearted.

He felt sorry seeing this disabled dog. The two voluteers went immediately to see and help Lunita and bring him to the shelter to look after the dog.

They found the disabled dog lying on the face on the pavement. It hang on the rail nearby a beauty salon. The dog’s backside legs were hooked to the wheelchair-scooter. Near him there was a paper. On the paper  the name, age and the expanation was written and there was also a diaper beside the dog.

Her former owners were not able to keep the disabled dog. The dog was so weak his owners did not leave even food or some water.

The disabled dog was taken to the shelter after that it was brought to a safe house. The two valounteers  downloaded photos of this dog on social media having a great desire to  a new owner for the dog.

At last a U.S. family called the comapany and suggested to give the disabled dog a forver home.

But the new family was not able to take care of the dog and in the end they started not look after him properly as the dog needed special care. Because of bad care everything, the disabled dog  Lunita had  a very bad staphylococcal infection.

It took a very long period of medical care for the dog. After that U.S. family gave the disabled dog a forever home. As the dog was cured and was in a good health state. The dog really felt happy and lively. He was able to play with other dog. He could even run with his wheelchair, go for a walk in the parks and have fun at different birthday parties.

But after a long time at the age of 11 the disabled dog got ill and must be admitted  to ICU at University Medical Hospital. This is the hospital, where the disabled dog once again struggled against her survival and died  surrounded by her loved ones.

The story of Lunita  ended and is a true  example of determination. But one thing is obvious, the last  year in Lunita’s life was the most remarkable and  best she had ever had. Share this touching story with all your family members and close friends to pray for this lovely and cute dog. God rest Lunita’s soul.


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