PHOTOS. Look at this cute dog which was left when she was two years old. The lovely rescued dog has ears which are like tiny cinnamons


The president of Pit Sisters this is a saving company was shocked to notice the puppy with curling ears towards inside. The ears were like a cinnamon roll.


All the brothers and sisters of the dog had enormous and sharp ears, as awaited, but the dog was called Cinnamon for clear thought, really attracted attention.

Said Deane told the Dodo that he had not ever noticed a dog having such unique ears. Everybody is not able to think that how  friendly and lovely the dog is. She is very pretty and charming.

The people who saw the pictures of this cute dog rapidly loved the dog with a cinnamon like dog. She had cute and lovely face. The rescue downloaded and spread thr lovely photos on social media.

Her charming and cute face was spread all over the social media. The cute dog attracted many people at the time of finding a person for the adoption of the dog and her sister and brother.

The puppies were sometimes unlucky and just after three weeks the dogs were taken by Deane.

They were noticed at a common shelter lonely, the puppies probable ran away from their home of indifferent and irresponsible owner as each dog was thin and had an infection with worms.

The dogs were just 5 weeks old. These dogs were nlt looked after properly. Deane said that the dogs were taken to veterinarian where they were cured rapidely and the dogs health is getting better.

Deane loved the puppy namex Zeke who is Cinnamon’s sibling and made a decision to adopt the puppy.

This story happened in 2019 but unluckily from that time the the Pit Sisters company was closed. It feels like the dog understands that she is a unique in her appearance.

Deane said the dog Cinnamon is very playful and happy. The dog Cinnamon is just cute and has  good relations with other siblings. The cinnamon like ears of the dog go with her individuality and originality. She is just funny and cute creature.



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