A feline was rescued after three days stuck on the high telephone pole


A cat named  Betty remained  30 feet pole. Ut was there over 24 hours. At first he stood there calmly. After 24 hours it began to scream and weep. The RSPCA arranged plans and actions to save the cat. The beighbours listened to the screams and sobings of the hopeless cat.

All the electricity was turned off to save the cat in need of help. The cat which was stuck up on 30 feet  telephone pole.

White and black cat named Betty was able to  jump on the wooden electricity pole at the lowest point of a neighbours yard in village called Cam,in  Gloucestershire.

The firefighters  saved  the lovely and endangered feline  after getting stuck up an electricity pole. The complete electricity power store was switched off in this road to save the frightened and terror-stricken cat .

The firefighters clinged to a tarp  at the bottom of electricity pole to take the cat  if she fell down.
But the cat was stuck on the pole for 24 hours and the firefighters could only save the crying cat  after neighbours discovered suddenly her cries and rang up the RSPCA.

The RSPCA planed for useful  firm Western Power Distribution to turn off the electricity power  for the street while the scared and in despair  cat was saved.

An electricitian balanced  a stairway to set right the frightened to death cat as firefighters were located below with a tarpaulin to take her if she fell down on the ground.

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