PHOTOS. Here is a cute and sweet cat named Chata. She has a unique way of sleeping on his back as humans do


Those who love cats know the most favourite activity that they like to do ia just taking a nap. They just adore this and there is nothing compared to this activity.

They sleep all day long. They sleep both at breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper as well as at night whenever they want.

They sleep wherever they want on notebooks, beds, floor mainly ever place they see free. The scene of sleeping cat is very heartwarming and precious. Sleeping are so sweet qnd cute that one can not stand but look at  this creatures.

This story is about a cat which namr is Chata. She is an adopted, lovely and a very unique cat. She has her own way of sleeping. She sleeps like humans do, just lying on her back.

Chata’s sleeping photos were downloaded on social media, these photos were put on Instagram. The pictures became very popular.

We are totally  took apart by this tiny ball of happiness, so clearly we have just  must gather some lovely photos for you.

The kitten  munchkin stands firm  taking a nap on his back. The lovely and cute cat  sleeps as if a human being.

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