Video. A heart touching story of a traumatized puppy who refuses to sleep because he is always afriad to be left all alone


Dogs are very honest and sensitive. For them the time spent with their owners is very precious. The time the owner leaves the house and the dog alone in the house. The dogs starts to feel very lonely and left abandoned. For them these little time is very much as they feel time in different way.



The dog feels sad and uncomfortable when his owner goes to work. The dog really suffers. The dogs shows  his missing through jumping and crying  after not seeing his owner for some time. When they are away from home for one day they get sad as  it means for them a long period of time.

In this story a dog had a phobia of being abondened and left.  The dog was named Choco. He was adopted by a very kind and family with many members. This phobia influences on the dog’s sleeping state. The dog does not sleep as it is afraid of being thrown away and abondened and this makes the family broken-hearted. It was very difficlut for the family to convince the dog to leave his trauma in the back.


The owners had to leave the dog  and so that the  tiny dog did not feel aloneand abondened  they made a decision to leave the dog  at the house of aunt.

This case made a very deep influence on the dog, even the dog staued there a day, but the dog remembers this case and does not sleep at night. The owners left the dog for one day and took him the next day, but the dog does not forget this case. He is very depressed and feels anxious and can not have a rest for a short period of time.

After staying a day at aunt’s house the dog does not feel calm from that time on. The tiny dog rejects to lie down, to sleep or have a rest. Even Choco was brought back to the houae where he lived he is very tensed. The owners are worried about this as the dog does not calm down. He stays awake all night even when he sleeps he does it standing up.

Here is the video of the sleeping proccess of the traumatized dog.

The family is afraid of the fact that the dog will become ill and they do everything possible to return the trust and reliance of the puppy. They just wanted the dog to sleep in krder that the state of the puppy calmed down. They dreamt of the puppy living in peace and throw away the thought of the dog being left abondened.

It is a very depressing and difficult period of time for the puppy and we are sure that it will pass. The dog sad and traumatized state will change. He has such nice owners and they could not have thought thqt this one day will make such bad influence on the dog. The family does his best to help the dog overcome all this traumatic state.

Share this touching story to make people understand how devoted and dependant are dogs to their owners, and let people know what the dogs  feel when they are left abondened or in an unknown place for some time.


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