A true hero. The brave dog acts so quickly to rescue his tiny friend kitten from wide spreading fire


This occurance took place on October 20 in 2014 in Ukraine. There many examples of brave actions of the dogs who are devoted and courageous. As some of the people think that dogs are not only asking something to eat, but they also can save lives and protect those who need help. I doubt that people could have lived withojt animals as they are true and devoted friends of human beings.

There was a fire in the militry industry business after a big break. The fire knocked down all along the road. All the inhabitants who lived a little bit far did not hqve any choice but to escape because there was not any way to extinguish the fire.

A dog ran rapidely to the fronting way, although there was only one solution. At that time the owner of the dog looked at fire which was spreading widely and did not comprehense what the dog was going to do. But very rapidely suddenly the dog came again carrying in his mouth a tiny kitten hanging on his teeth.

The dog’s best friend is the tiny cat. When the fire broke out the dog did not think about anything but rescueing the tiny kitten. The kitten and the dog were tightly connected and always gave hands to each other.

This heartwarming and impressing story rapidely spread widely around the neighborhood. In such difficult state, it turns out that even human beings can not think so quickly and react in such sitations.

This story is a true example of frank friendship between animals. Even human sometimes can not sacrifice and do not think about their life and save other people, but the dog did so. The dog’s act is a proof of sincere love and care. Thanks to the dog the tiny kitten is saved. It is worth praising this hero dog.

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