How a police deputy was speaking to the small cute owl trying to rescue him


Once two policemen were driving the car to the dirty highway in Boulder, Colorado. At that time the two police officers noticed a small creature in the middle of highway. When they became nearer the policemen saw that it was a lovely and cute  baby Northern Saw-Wher owl.


Obviously, the tiny owl got lost  and frightened standing the middle of the highway, so the police officer went out of the car  and wanted to support the owl.

One of the police officers came to the tiny owl she said, ” Hi, what is going on?”


The tiny owl showed an answer to the officer speaking to the owl, she began to move her head around,  making the police officer to begin laughing.

Once more the owl said “hi” and the eyes of the tiny owl opened widely, it seemed as if the owl was understanding and hearing attentively and closely.

At that time, the officer stoped taking pictures and makimg a video and tried  to help the owl go away from the way and they were able to do it, the tiny creature was able to flee away.

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