PHOTO. Fortunately, the lion cub is saved after his legs were broken and injured badly so that visitors could shoot pictures with him


This is a shivering story about young carnivore who was carried off his mom to be as a visitor’s highlight that in the end has a positive ending.

The cub of the lion which is named Simba, Simba was taken  from his mom when he was just  few months old, he was used  in non human circumstances for people to get pleasure and have fun.

He was connected to a outbuilding in Russia and had to shoot pictures with visitors, he was badly abused and ill-treated and his legs were injured in order that the cub won’t be able to rush or walk or put up a struggle.

The lion’s cub was on the edge of dying before savers were able to save him, immediately took the cub to the veterinarian to be operated and rescued the cub’s life.

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin sentenced this terrible illegal act and in his estimation gave a command to investigate and analyze the matter.

Affer being saved from such a horrible location, Simba is nowdays being cured and is  starting to believe in people once more. He also knew about playing and walking again and main tasks.

Simba indicated signals step by step coming back to his ordinary life, and this is rather to make one’s heart melt with care and tolerance.

A veterinarian named Karen Dallakyan cured many animals in need of recovery like Simba gve a second life to this cub. These animals starting from  tigers, birds and snakes.

It does not matter what species, he gives them shelter, food, love and care. The cub is becoming healthier step by step, and he will come back to his life very quickly.

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