Cute photos. A dog named Maggie, who was shot 17 times, her ear was cut, blind and also pregnant is now just making a progress and has become a therapy dog


A dog named  Maggie was noticed in Lebanon. The dog was five years old. Unfortunately, her ears were cut, her eyes poked out and had a smashed jaw.

When they discovered the puppy, she was expecting a baby and fastened to a carton all alone.

Luckily, the story does not finish here.  Wild at Heart Foundation learnt of the poor dog and brought her to a home in Brighton by a person who adores animals.

The name of that person is Kasey.

The cute dog makes good progress after her pictures were taken 17 times and is left alone outdoors.

Nowadays the puppy is used as a dog for therapy and she has a prominant Instagram followers.

Kasey told The Argus that when that man downloaded the picture of the dog from Lebanon wanting people to help the dog  a lady from London noticed the post and supported.

Wild At Heart reported that they would help to get the dog inside although this is a hard task to take animals fom Lebanon.

Her mother noticed Maggie’s post and decided to adopt the dog. She reached home and seeing the pictures of the dog made a decision to adopt her.

What occured to the dog  Maggie was horrible and frightful but if the story of the dog can teach and give other people spirit in this case we can add brightness and light to this sometimes cruel world.

Maggie is a simple dog as other dogs she acts normally although the dig has matters connected with health.

The owner of the dog said that the dog is talented and genius. She is very lively and playful. She always leads her owner.

She is not cruel after passing many difficulties she just became strong and she does not injure anyone as she is so caring.

Maggie just spreads love and care and luckily now she is happy and has a perfect life.

Here is the video of the cutiness:

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