Video. A touching scene. How a mother dog digs up the grave of his puppy hopelessly trying to reawaken the puppy


This is a story that will melt your heart. It is so heart touching to see how a dog suffers for his child who passed away.

The shivering video just depicts the scene where a mother puppy makes effort to wake up her dead son by just turning over and trying to get out of it his son.

Unluckily, the mom dog Kookie was 3 years old. She lost one of her puppies in Zamboanga, the Philippines.

On Monday early in the morning the mother dog Kookie awakened his owner and all her family just barking very noisily to inform them by means of signs that her puppy passed away.

The puppy was concealed in the yard, so that mother dog was taken for strolling for a few hours, the mother dog came to the tomb of his puppy making an effort to arouse him.

The mother dog’s eyes were full of sorrow and tears, she was at last prepared to get to her dead puppy. The scene was unbareable and painful and distressing.

The video makes sad and touching as the mlther dog began to dig to reach her puppy.

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