PHOTOS. Finally an amputated and blind dog was adopted after being left for 10 years in the shelter


The dog named Tofu was 14 years old and there was not anyone who wanted the dog. He was rescued from a rude owner by good doing people and he lived 10 years in an animal shelter.

The miserable and weak puppy suffered from cancer. That is why his hind legs were amputated. Because of being rather old he became blind. A lot of shelter members that the dog would remain in the animal shelter the whole life.

He also became blind from old age. But luckily a lady named Danila adopted the dog Tofu and gave him a second chance to live and a forever home.

The woman just wanted to adopt the oldest fog in the shelter and made a decision to adopt especially this dog. Daniella just dreamt of adopting such kind of dog seeing the photo and knowing the story she just made a desicion to adopt the puppy.

The kind Daniella has already 5 dogs and after discussing the question of adopting Tofu they just agreed to give this poor dog a forever home.

It took a month for the dog to be cured after that he was at Daniella’s home. The dog even did not bump into walls and things as he got used to the house.

Daniella is very happy to adopt the happy and see him happy. Tofu is really a lovely and adoreable dog.

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