PHOTOS. The cute dog was abondened as she did not have forelegs from the time she was born


Daffodil the Chihuahua was left in a carton after the owner of the dog saw that the dog had a inborn lack and defect of two forelegs.

Passerbies noticed the dog but when they saw that she did not have front legs they put it to her place again. They just liked the lovely dog but because of his defected appearance he was left abondened.

The time when a man saw Daffodi’s trouble, he quickly brought the dog to the regional SPCA. At first the members were doubtful about the dog’s remaining. Luckily, the dog prospered into a lovely and energetic dog.

The cute dog did not realize that he was handicapped and just wanted to be loved by keepers.

The members even gave a special wheelchair. The dog was just given a second opportunity to live happily. Nowdays the puppy can go down and up,  go for a walk, do mountaineering and run. Daffodil can do whatever, wherever and whenever he wants to run or just walk.

Luckily SPCA got her an adoreable forever home. The puppy is just adoring his every day life and lives her life very cheerfully.

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