A dog in a terrible state was left all alone at a petrol station where unfortunately he was neglected by everybody


A man noticed a dog who was in a terrible state and left all alone at a petrol station. Nobody wanted to support the abandoned dog.

Nobody made a decision to put a stop to a car in this traffic jam. Fortunately, the man named Mike Brown  took the dog and made an effort to know what health problems the puppy had. The man acted very rapidely.

He reached Africa. He came to a medical clinic where they were not able to support, but only care about his state. The dog was a true struggler and continued to live and never stopped his fight for surviving.

The dog manifested his power and love to all who looked after him. He is on the process of recovery and is well fed. Step by step he is being cured.

Soon the dog will be taken to an animal shelter and put for adoption. We hope he will soon have a forever home. The dog will get all love and care that he deserves.

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