PHOTOS. The kitten was left all alone freezing from severe cold in the streets until a kind woman helped the poor kitten


The owners of the cat made a decision to leave the cat outdoors. The kitten was not used to living outdoors and was not aware of living in bad weather without any roof under his head. The cat just found a spot where it was comparable warm in the pavement, not far away from the place where people lived.

The kitten lived due to lying on the hot pipes, first in the severe cold weather. Passerbies used to help and gave the kitten something to eat or drink.

The cat was abondened outdoors since November. Because of severe cold, the cat became sick.

An old woman knitted warm clothes for the kitten. The clothes warmed up the kitten.

The woman was not able to adopt the kitten but did knitting and gave clothes to the freezing kitten as she wanted to help her.

Unfortunately as time passed the state of kitten got worse a day after a day, he was very sick now.  He rejected  to eat something and only lay on the ground in despair.

When a woman noticed the poor kitten even he was wearing sweater but he suffered  from severe cold. The skin of the cat had serious infections and injures.

The woman took the kitten home, put him to sleep under a warm cover. She gave him something to eat and even took the cat to the toilet.

The cat needed special care and curing. It took rather long period for the treatment of the cat.

The state of the cat got better and he started to go outdoors with other animals as the woman has 65 pets. The kitten became more active and lively and started to play cheerfully with other cats.

As her health state is not very good and has problem connected with health some operations and X-ray are needed for his curing . The cat suffers from  umbilical hernia.

Only after complete recovery of the cat, the cat will be able to be put  for an adoption. He will soon have a forever home.

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