A real fighter. The cute kitten was bitten by a furious dog, luckily he still survives.


The time the kitten was brought to the animal hospital the vets were surprised to see the look of kitten. The kitten was in a terrible state her head was bitten by a dog and all the staff was shocked to see that the kitten could survive after this.

The cat was only three months old and had badly been bitten by a furious dog but luvkily he was now alive. The RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital struggled for the kitten’s life. The vets did not lose their hope to save the life of the kitten.

The kitten was taken to Animal clinic when the kitten was seriously bitten by a furious dog. He was broght here by his owners. Nobody knows why was the kitten so badly bitten by a dog.

The staff of the hospital worried about his health state. They did everything possible to cure the kitten and luckily his state got better.

The kitten was real struggler, he was so near to dying. He was suffering from pain in head, neck and face. His jaw was broken and had facial infection. The kitten was even bleeding.

Nowdays she is getting better step by step and when he will be completely cured he will be adopted. We hope soon he will have a forever home.

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