Video. A heroic act. How a kind guy does not stop feeding sea food to the bald eagles in Alaska risiking his own life every day


The awesome hairless eagles are considered as a symbol of America. They can not be seen everywhere. But there are places that there are a lot of hairlesa eagles. For example, in Alaska there are about 600 eagles and although their population is not mored than 5,000 inhabitants.

Dutch Harbor is the largest fishing place in the region and that is why many bald eagles come here to sick for something to eat.The seq waa full of different types of fishes, so many fishermen put something for the bald eagles. A led always stayed to give food to the eagles.

The guy’s name was Jesse Peck. He gave shrimps and other sea food to the hairless eagles which were always together on the platform.

The hungry eagles eat very quickly what the guy gave. He even drops something to eqt in the air making the process of eating so funny.

Here is the video:

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