Heart touching video. True and devoted friendship. How the dog meets his owner who came from the army


It is so heratbreaking. The story will give you hearwarming impressions. The story will even make you cry.

This story is about a dog named Buddy. He is 13 years old. They overcame many difficulties in life. They spent their whole life together. The woman’s name is Hannah Foraker. The time Hannah was 21 years old. He went to army for the militry service.

Hannah had to leave his favourite dog and horse. The horse was named Derby. After going far away for already three months for his main training course, she wanted to see his friend dog immediately. The dog named Buddy could not conseal the excitment and happiness the time they met once more.

They have lived together from the time when the puppy was only a few days. When the dog sees the woman, he hugs her by putting his head on her laps, cuddles and even there are tears in his eyes.

They are true and devoted friends. There is nothing compared with the love between a dog and his owner. They are affecionate and take care of each other.

Here is the touching video:

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