How three kind hearted old women decided to adopt the oldest dog in the animal shelter and give him a forever home


Three senior women decided to adopt an old dog and give her a forever home. All the puppies in animal shelter wait to be adopted.

This story is about three women who adopted a pit bull, whom very few people wanted to take for adoption. That all the dog can see this happy day and they considered themselves unfortunate.


They lost thier former dog and were very sorrowful about this but after a short time they thought about adopting the oldest dog from shelter.

This dog was an old pit bull named Rema. The time they noticed the dog they immediately fell in love with the dog.

The staff of animal shelter were surprised to see how the three ladies liked the oldest dog which was neglected by other people.

The members even decided to help in the process of adoption and pay the expanses.
The women gave the dog a comfortable bed and interesting toys. He was loved and taken care of carefully.

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