A man was going home by his car when he heard a sudden call for help in the road. He was not able to reject but help the sweet feline


Once a man was returning home from work. He was driving his car slowly in the highway when he heard a sudden voice.  It was a call of a cat.

The cat was making voices as he was in need of help. The man stopped his car and saw a hopeless cat on one side of the road.

The cat was in a horrible state. She was bleeding. Her paws and  jaws were  injured.

She was stuck in the huge fence. It was a long time since she was screaming for help. The man called 911 for the support of cute kitten.

As the rescue team was late. He himself did this. He tried his best to get the kitten out.  After that the man took the kitten to the animal clinic.

The kitten had a surgery after that she was looked after and taken care of by vets. After some period of time the man said that he wanted to adopt the cute feline.

The cat feels good and she is very playful now. Luckily, she has a second chance to live as she deserves this. The cat now has a name, she was named Freeway.

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