A cute dog rescues the little girl’s life from coming enormous waves


Dogs are best and faithful friends of human beings. They are always there to give hands to people in need of help.


This a story about a girl and a cute puppy.
A little girl was rescued by a brave dog by the seaside. This case happened in Normanday region.

The dog was named Matyas and the time the dog saw that enormous waves were coming towards the girl. He rused quickly and held with his teeth the girl’s T-shirt.

The dog took the girl and pulled her to the beach.The dog has become famous for his good act.

The dog was a true pet belonging to her grandparents. The girl was just enjoying and did not understand of the dangerous things that would happen if the dog did not rescue him.

Thanks to the dog the girl is rescued and the girl and the cute dog have become inseperable friends since then.

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