A heroic rescue. The tiny deer is alive due to this brave dog. From this time on they became devoted and true friends


When an owner of a dog loses his dog. He becomes very anxious trying to find him as soon as possible.

This is a story about a cute dog named Harley. He is only six years old. He just noticed a deer drowning in the water.

The dog jumped to the lake and tried to get the deer out of the lake. The owner of the dog got very anxious and nervous.

The owner of the dog Ralph Dorn looked for his dog everywhere and finally he found the dog nearby lake and what he saw made him so proud.

The dog really saved the life of the hopeless dear. The man took photos of this cute friends.

After rescueing the deer the dog licked and dried the freezing cute creature.

After some days deer came to see the dog and they sniffed each other and approached their nose one to another.

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