A hopeless unsheltered kitten was left with all his belongings outdoors


A cat was noticed by a woman. The cat was crying sitting near his belongings left in the street.The cat was standing in the street with all his belongings in Nostrand avenue in Brooklyn.

It look as if he was abondened as his owners moved somewhere else to live or he was a male cat and behaved badly in the house.

A woman saw the cat and took his pictures. After some time he could not find the cat and she applied to a rescue company to find the cat.

The cat was found in a backyard of a woman named Karen. The cat was taken to a vet and his health state was examined.

The cat behaved so good that all the members of the staff felt in love with him. Later the dog was named Nostrand as this is the name of the street were he was seen for the first time.

Fortunately the cat has a forever and lovely home. He is loved and taken care of by his owner Karen.

He was a bit stressed  at first as he had lived many difficult days being abondened. After short period of time he began to trust people. He is very playful and cheerful now.

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