11unforgettable years of true friendship between a lion and a caretaker who rescued him


The man whose name is Von Solms has become friends with the lion. The lion is named Zion. He devoted his life to wild cats.

They became close firends and have tight bond. He adopted the lion as he was captivated. The lion was a small cub when he was taken by this man.

He is so sweet and gentle. The lion is taken care of and loved by the man.

Zion does not like to hear the sound of shoes, that is why the man takes off his shoes not to bother the lion.

Zion does not attact anybody as he is so gentle. The man and the lion are best friends and they share truck and bed together.

The man looks after over 19 big cats, but Zion is unique for him.

This man explains that even lions are considered to be dangerous ones but they are very softy.

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