The formerly blind dog overjoyed to see his family again after eye surgery


A blind dog at last sees his owner’s family for the first time. The dog was named Duffy. He was of a lovely Irish Terrier.

The dog was abandoned by his previous owner. He had overcome many health difficulties. Benjamin May saved and adopted the dog from the streets.

The dog had a serious health problem. He suffered from diabetes. He lost his eyesight because of diabetes.

Once the dog started to pee at home. The man got surprised as the dog did not use to do such a thing.

After that the dog was taken to a vet. He was examined and it turned out that the dog has diabetes. The man got sad seeing his dog not knowing him.

Benjamin did not lose his hope and made a desicion to fight against the dog’s illness. Finally the dog had an eye surgery and the surgery succeded. Benjamin’s faith and love towards the dog made him win the struggle against health problems.

The scene was so emotional when the dog saw his family members again. He was so happy and excited. The dog makes the family happy.

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