The mother elephant leads the rescuers to save his elephant calf stuck in the muddy hole


An elephant calf was stuck in the hole in Thailand. The mother elephant made an effort to help the baby elephant.

Unluckily, she could not rescue all alone. She cried for help. The cry for a help gathered many people around her. The people could not understand what was going on.

Everything became worse when the mother elpehant was near to an electric fence.
The people quickly turned off electricity to rescue mother elephant.

The mother elephant led the people to her elephant calf where the elephant calf was trapped.

The baby elephant was stuck in a tiny muddy hole. The rescue team acted immediately to get the calf elephant out. The elephant was afraid and hopeless and did not have strength.

The rescuers could pull the elephant calf out. They dig the hole very carefully in order not to hurt the elephant calf. The elephant calf found enought strength to get out.

When the elephant was saved he ran to his mom. The elephant knew he is safe and sound now.

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