A heroic and strong kitten. A kitten named “Able” is able to do everything though he suffered badly losing his tail and front legs


An adoreable cat named Able can do what other normal cats do. But unfortunately the kitten has lost his legs because of terrible accident.

The kitten is named kangaroo cat because of his appearance. He knows to jump although his legs are cut off.

The accident happened when he was only one year old. He was shocked by electricity as the wires were loose outdoors. The kitten screamed so loudly.

The neighbours heard his cries and even thought the feline passed away but luckily he is alive. As his front legs are missing out from this day on he was called a kangaroo cat.

Unfortunately his tail is also injured. Other unsheltered cats laughed at him and after two weeks of this horrible incident when the two legs and tail were burnt a woman named Wallai saved the kitten.

She cured the poor tiny kitten and after two years it was in a good health state. He is a strong cat and even does things better then those animals who have four legs.

He overcomes his disability and never gives up. The owner is so proud of the beautiful and strong creature.

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