The mother dog cried for help because she was exhausted and was not able to take care of her puppies
The mother dog begged for help as she was weak and could not feed her puppies. The mother dog has three puppies. The puppies cry for help as they do not
The orphan puppy started to cry when he was reunited with the cow who looked after him
Animals from different species can have a unique and tight bond. That is why there are friendship between different animals that surprise people.
Street singer was neglected by people — after some time 4 kittens came to listen to his music
A street musician was neglected by people as they did not stop and listen to his music. The man became very upset because of this. The man was sad as he
An emotional reunion. The lost dog was found after 290 days missing
This story is about a Boston Terrier who was lost for already 290 days. The family was just enjoying their holiday in Ocean City when this case happened.