The owner of the dog starts to cry when he reunites with his missing dog who always shows emotional support to him


A man started to cry when he saw her lost dog. The dog was brought to the man by a police officer. This was an emotional reunion between the man and the dog.

The dog was missing for three days. This service dog was named Arrow. The dog was a breed of Doberman Pinscher.

The man was named Gary. He suffered emotionally not finding his beloved dog.

The dog was not only a pet for him but also a companion who always gave him emotional support.

The police found the dog after three days. When the officer brought the dog the man burst into tears.

He even said that he had seen in his dream that the dog was found.

The officer found the dog from a woman who saw and took the dog to look after the dog.

The man was crying full of joy seeing the dog. Both the dog and the owner are happy to be reunited.

It is obvious that the dog and the owner have a tight bond.

They love each other very much. The  have a tight bond it was seeb when they saw each other.

They both were excited and filled their eyes with tears as a sign of happiness and affection.

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