An ill tiny bear cub was rescued by an officer. Unluckily, the baby bear was left behind by his family


When a person meets a bear cub he or she should be cautious as when they are with their mother. The mother wil attack to anybody who comes nearer.

The mother can hurt anyone who approaches them. There are thousands of bears in England and people know how to act when they see a bear cub with her mother.

A police officer named Thomas Ownes did not even hestiate and was not afraid to come near and rescue the ill bear cub.

The officer was at his patrols when he saw that the mother bear and her cubs were crossing the road.

He knew how to act as he saw there was something wrong with one of the bears.

The mother and her babies went back and forth as the fourth baby bear had a difficulty in moving.

The officer saw that they did not have any chance that is why left the fourth bear  on the road. The mother bear and her babies went to the bushes.

The man risked his life rescueing the hopeless bear cub. He took the sweet bear cub.

After that he called the emergency and when the emergency came to the place the fifth bear cub also came. The emergency took the bear cubs for examining.

The bears will be cured and taken care of properly. After some time they will be returned to their mother safe and sound.

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