A dog keeps barking anxiously until the biker follows him to an abandoned baby girl


A dog kept barking and running after a biker who rode hia motorcycle in the mountains in the Phillipines.

The man understoid that the dog wanted to tell something. The dog seemed worried. The man stopped riding and came closer to the dog.

The dog led the man to the place in the dumpsite where a baby was left. The baby was left in an abandoned place.

The man took the baby to a police station. After that the Department of Social Welfare came after the baby.

The news about the heroic act of the dog spread widely. People wanted to see the heroic dog. They came to the mountains to see the dog.

On the way they met a man who claimed that the dog belonged to him. The dog was named Blacky. It was obvious that the family needed help as the man lived poor. He had also other dogs whom he took care. The family got many food donations, pet supplies by the community.

Blacky does not realize that he changed things for better. He is a true hero as he rescued a baby girl and changed her life.

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