A wild and wise stallion rescues the life of drowning baby horse


A horse rescued a baby horse from drowning deep in the water. The baby horse made an effort to pull himself out, but in vain.

The baby horse was stuck in the water up to her neck. She did not know how to get out. The horse was in despair.

It was a sunny day when the horses went to grazing near Salt River. The wild stallion noticed the drowning horse.

The wild stallion seperated from the group  and made a desicion to save the baby horse. He caught and grabbed the baby horse from her neck.

Thanks to the quick thinking qnd actions of the wild stallion the baby horse lives happily with her family.

The horse brought the baby horse to the bank . He stayed with her to see if the baby horse is safe and sound.

The baby horse ran to her mom. The reunion was so emotional and heartwarming. The feelings of animals and love towards each other is unconditional.

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