The veterinarian walks along the streets of California and treats homeless people’s dogs


A vet named Kwane Stewart is a street vet. He does a good job. He walks in the streets of California examining and learning about the health problems of stray dogs.

He cures the dogs of the unsheltered people without paying money.He is a kind and loving person.

He gives unconditional love to the animals in the street.  He thinks that those dogs who wander in streets need medical care most of all.

The man started his kind work from 2011. He wanted to do something good for the homeless animals. He prefered to come to the animals rather than animals would come to his place.

He set an aim and achieved his aim. He just started to look the world from different side.

He says that he learns many stories of homeless animals from different people. He even adds he notices that these homeless people take care of their dogs very attentively. Their bond is inseperable.

Here is the video:

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