A stolen horse cries on seeing his close friend dog after being seperated for already 7 months
Two friends finally meet each other after being seperated for already 7 months. Their meeting was so emotional. It was like an overload of emotions.
A kind man noticed a shivering dog suffering from severe cold and acted very quickly
A dog was left outdoors. The dog was shivering from cold. The dog was left outside of the post office as the owner thought that the dog won’
A dog risks his life running through traffic to rescue his owner who was badly injured
A dog runs through traffic having a great desire to rescue his owner. He wanted to ask for help for his owner who was injured. The only thing that the
A dog approaches and hugs a homeless person to console him, the scene is touching
A dog came near to the homeless man. The dog wanted to comfort the man. The dog felt that the man needed somebody to understand him. The dog approached