An emotional scene. A faithful dog says his last goodbye to his friend lying on his friend’s grave the whole morning


This cute dog named Gaspar died and his faithful friend did not leave his side. The dog passed away from illness.

The dog lies on the grave of his friend dog. The dog loved his friend very much.

The owner of the dog named Gaspar thanked the dog for sweet memories for the last time.

The owner of the dog  named Kaya was Marcelo Rodríguez. The dog named Gaspar passed away.

Gaspar belonged to Rodriguez’s mother.The dog often visted the dog Kaya.

Unluckily, Gaspar passed away and as the dog Gaspar and Kaya were friends and had tight bond, the dog was given a chance to say last good bye to his friend dog.

The dog lies on the grave and does not want to leave his grave. All the people were shocked by this heart touching moment.

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