A heartwarming story. The lost dog started to cry when he was found by his owner
A dog was brought to the animal shelter. He was different from other dogs. He was not sociable and did not behave as other dogs. Even when visitors came
A kind dog comforts and pacifies the injured fawn found in his owner’s ranch
A devoted and kind dog pacifies and supports a fawn found in the ranch. The fawn was badly injured. The dog was by his side all the time helping him until
A firefighter adopts a puppy whom he rescued and could not leave the dog behind
Mike Thawley is a firefighter. He saves many lives. The man works in Sacramento  in a fire department as a volunteer. At this time he rescued a dog who
A dog who was saved and adopted by a woman does not stop hugging his owner every time as a sign of love and warmth
A woman named Kylo has a dog. She rescued a dog who does not stop hugging and snuggling his human mom. When the dog sees his owner enter the house she