A dog who was saved and adopted by a woman does not stop hugging his owner every time as a sign of love and warmth


A woman named Kylo has a dog. She rescued a dog who does not stop hugging and snuggling his human mom.

When the dog sees his owner enter the house she jumps on his owner’s arms and hugs her tightly.

The dog always gives warmth to this woman and does not stop hugging his owner.

She even gets sad when the woman is busy and stops hugging him.

The family has also another dog named Nellie. They both get along with each other very well.

The dog fell in love with the family. The dog had difficuly at first.The dog could not move easily as the floor was wooden.

The owner put rags and the dog has a habbit jumping from one rag to another.

The dog always gives love and spreads love always hugging his family members. He is fond of falling asleep in his owner’s laps.

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