A dog who can not walk and a pigeon who can not fly become true friends


This story is about a true friendship between a chichuahua and a pigeon. The two made close friends.

The pigeon is not able to to fly and the dog is not able to walk. This makes everybody surprised seeing both of them.

The pigeon is named Herman and the dog is named Lundy. The dog is 10 weeks old. This true friendship makes everybody touched.

The pigeon was rescued from the car park. The pigeon lay on the ground in a hopeless state.

Sue Roger a founder of a foundation took the pigeon who was struggling for his survival. The man took the pigeon to the shelter.

The dog Chichuahua was also brought to the shelter when he was 4 weeks old. Here in this shelter both of them found each other as true and devoted friends.

People donated money seeing this duo as they are so cute. Both of them are fond of each okther and always comfort each other.

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