An adorable tiny dog is very happy that his family celebrated his birthday in a very special way


The little dog  Odin has a little tail, little ears and little paws. When the dog wags his tail he shows that he is happy.

Odin has a lovely family. He lives in Mexico. The family adopted the dog for already three years.

The family made a great surprise for the dog. They made his birthday as a very special day for him. Odin was smiling widely. The dog is a very devoted friend.

The dog was happy that his birthday was celebrated in such a special way. His family bought a birthday cake like a paw of a dog on it and put many decorations.


At first the dog was a little bit shocked. After some time he understoid the cake was for him.

The dog also got presents,  kisses and hugs. The dog is surrounded with care and love.


Here is the video:

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