Ukrainian cat cafe stays open to look after for its cats and visitors even during the wartime


The cafe which name is Cat Cafe Lviv has been open for six years. The cafe stuff is a small team which members are close friends.

The cafe still continues its work. The owner of the cafe is Serhi Oliinyk. The visitors of the cafe enjoy their time here as there are cats here.

The cats also feel happy when people visit as they like to be in the centre of attention.

A lot Ukrainians flee from Ukraine but this man still continue being in Ukraine. His family and the cats are still living in the cafe. The cats have been living here from the age of 4.

Although there are invasions the cafe still continues to work but there are few visitors. The visitors come here to greet the cats. The cats change the day of the people.

This is a safe place if there will be an air raid warning there is a place for the guests and cats to hide. These cats make the day of the guests a little positive.

No matter what happens the cats and Oliinyk’s family will be together. Praying for all the country. Let there be peace on Earth.

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