An emotional video. A boy was given a puppy as a surprise from his deceased father


A boy whose name is Logan has always wanted to have a puppy. From the time the boy was three years old he wanted to have a dog. He even carried a dog toy with him everywhere.

The dog was a Boston terrier toy.His dad had an allergy and also suffered from cancer for already nine years.

When the father of the boy knew he was going to lose the battle towards his illness, he asked his wife to realize the wish of their son.

Unluckily, the boy’s father whose name is Joe passed away. The dog brought happiness and comfort not only to Logan but also to the family.

It was the 13th birthday of the boy and his mother made a surprise giving the puppy to her son. The boy was crying from happiness. He did not believe his eyes.

This was the dream of his father that the boy had a Boston Terrier. The dog licked the boy and put his nose on his nose. They cuddled and both of them were happy.

The boy named the dog Indy. This gift is a priceless gift from his dad. The boy will always take care of the dog and give his unconditional love.

Here is the heart touching  video:

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