A loyal dog does not stop staring at the sea waiting for his owner who was a fisherman without knowing that he passed away


A woman whose name is Jolie Mejía and her family made a desicion to have a rest in the seaside near Peru.



The family noticed a dog in the shore. The dog is a proof that real love and loyality exists.The dog looked rather good and had a ribbon on his neck. The dog looked clean and he was looked after very well.

It became very interesting for the family to know why the dog looked at the ocean. They gave food to the dog and also waited for his owner. The dog did not look abandoned.

The story why the dog liked to stare at the ocean was that he had an owner who was a fisherman who died.

The dog continues to look at the ocean. He remained devoted and loyal to his owner and still waited for him to come.

The sad story of the dog is famous among the people who live or visit the shore. The dog is fed and looked after by the community people.

The name of the dog is Vaguito. The family parted with the dog but the locals said that the dog is looked after by a woman who lives nearby.

The story of the dog is heart touching and very sad. The loyality of the dog is very uncomparable. The dog does not stop casting out to the sea.

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