The loyal dog saved his owner’s life staying by his side warming his body during hiking in the mountains


A man whose name is Greg Brkic. The man had a dream to go hiking in the mountains. He took his dog with him.

During his hiking the man fell down and was injured. Thanks to his dog he was rescued. The dog lay on his body warming him.

The dog was a breed of Alaskan malamute. The dog was eight years old. He was named Nord.

The man spent 13 hours in the frezzing cold on the snowy ground. The man could not get up and go on with his hiking. The dog was by his side all the time.

After a few hours the other 30 hikers saw the man and helped him. The dog did not leave his owner’s side even when he knew that his owner is in the safe hands.

This is a real miracle. The rescuers even said that without the dog the master would not have survived.

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