A funny video. A parrot can not stop complaining about the cat in the house


This is a real funny story. It is a cute Cocatoo parrot which spreads positive vibes. These parrots are very sociable and can contact in a friendly way with the sounds they heard before contacting.

The parrots are unique in their own way having special personality character. Here is a parrot named Mr. Max.

The parrot talked too much. He was very sociable. A video was captured how the parrot complains about the cat. The cat was named Fluffy. The parrot explains the behavior of the cat in such a funny way.

The owner listened the parrot and warned him to be very careful with the cat as the cat would eat him.

The parrot listens and it looks as he understands everything his owner says. This parrot is very smart as he speaks and responds to everything his master says.

Here is the hilarious video:

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