A real hero. A brave boy jumps into the freezing water to rescue a drowning horse


A boy whose name is Cameron Martin is given the title as a hero. The boy is from North England.

He was in the farm when he noticed that one of the horses could not get out the canal. The name of the horse is Domino.He rescued a horse from the cold canal.

The boy kept the head of the horse up to prevent the horse from drowning in the canal. The boy spent nearly an hour in the freezing water.

The woman who looked after the boy noticed that the boy was missing for a long time . She started to look for the boy. The boy was only 13 years old.

When the boy was found the horse and the boy were taken from the water. Thanks to this boy the horse is rescued. The boy felt so exhausted but felt happy as he could save the drowning horse.

The horse took hot bath. The boy feels proud that he became true friends with the horse. Their bond is so strong from this time on. This boy is a brave and heroic person.

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