A cute and smart dog. A gentle dog befriends with the butterflies in their backyard


A kind dog is a friend with each butterfly in their garden. The dog is so gentle to them.

The cute puppy is named Milo. The dog is two years old and is of a retriever breed.

The dog has inborn ability of taking care of butterflies and never harm them.

The owner of the dog has many colourful flowers and plants which attract the attention of butterflies. The dog Milo gets along with these butterflies very well.

The garden is a paradise for the butterflies. The dog is fond of looking at the butterflies flying in the backyard. The dog likes when the butterflies sit on his nose. The dog is so patient to them.

Milo loves the butterflies from caterpillars to chrysalis to big butterflies. The dog is just always there to protect them. The dog likes to make friends with the butterflies.

The dog even likes when his owner takes pictures of him with the butterflies. The dog does not miss any of the newcoming butterfly. This dog is a smart one as he is also very good at cooking.

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