A true friendship.The cute dog insists on visiting his neighbour with whom he became close friends


The dog Cheddar lived with a family for already 8 years until one of members of the family had cancer.

The family had to give the animal to an animal rescue organisation. After some time the dog was adopted by a lovely family.

The dog is taken care of and lives his life happily. The dog likes to be petted and be always in the centre of attention.

The dog is very friendly. The dog loves one of their neighbours very much. He made her owners take him to the house of the woman.

The woman treats the dog with cookies. The woman’s name is Jean.The dog wants to see the woman every single day.  When the owner of the dog passes by the woman’s house and does not take him to her house, the dog insists on going inside the house.

The dog likes to sit by the woman and be petted. They spend much time together.The dog looks forward to seeing Jean and the woman also waits for the dog. Their bond became so tight. The dog became more lively and full of energy.

They are loyal best friends. The dog does not like to bark but when he is happy he barks showing his happiness.

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