Video. An emotional and sincere scene. A death and blind dog senses when her owner comes home


This is a story about a death and blind dog who has special senses.   The dog was adopted by a couple from an animal shelter where dogs need special care.


The name of the dog is Opal. The dog is eight months old. Opal is so sensitive and smart. The dog stands by the fence or just walks outdoors and becomes happy when she smells her owner’s car come closer.

The scene was captured how the dog becomes happy feeling her owner has come. The dog does not see or hear but she is rather lively and has an unconditional love to her owner.

The dog jumps and wags her tail showing her joy. The scene is so sweet and emotional. The dog looks delighted when her owner comes home.

The dog adores her family members as she is always in the centre of care and attention. Whenever one of the family members is not at home she waits for her or him impatiently.

Here is the touching video:

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